Here & Now Performance Weekender PROGRAMME (2017)

Saturday 25th November 2017

Tetradlude improv workshop (11-12.30pm)

In this Tetralude workshop we will move through a series of exercises for everyone to explore performance improvisation further, using movement, drawing, objects, voice, technology. We will work in groups and practice as an ensemble. 


Start your engines! In this relaxed but fast-paced 90 minute workshop, LaPelle's Factory will arm you with strategies for finding unusual starting points for devising original performance. The company will share several initial steps and exercises, both written and physical, which help develop floaty thoughts into concrete action. There will be experimental explorations of varying ideas and themes which participants will take in exciting and unexpected directions.

LaPelle's Factory is the Midlands-based creative partnership between Olwen Davies and Ollie Smith. 
The Company is produced by LittleMighty, Supported by In Good Company and is a company-in-residence at Attenborough Arts Centre.


Awkward Silence (4-6pm, workshop)

Performance maker Rachael Young invites you to join her to consider the power of the ‘Front Woman’ as a radically inclusive force for emancipation. Drawing on ideas from intersectional feminism, this workshop explores the use of endurance, repetition and duration in performance and asks what these elements can offer us when thinking about activism, resistance and fighting oppression.
This workshop is for anyone who’s ever felt like feminism doesn't fit or like they don't fit it! It’s open to people of all experience levels, you might be an artist, but you might not, you might be a musician, a butcher, a mother of three.


“It’s Okay, I’m Dealing With It” (7.30pm, performance) -The Hiccup Project

Cristina and Chess have both experienced smashing their two front teeth. It affected them, and it got them thinking. In a culture that needs perfection, quick fixes and for everything to be ‘fine’, “It’s Okay, I’m Dealing With It” asks what we do when things aren't okay; how do we deal with difficult things? What happens if we don’t want to deal with them? Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry and sometimes we distract ourselves. But don’t worry: it’s okay, we’re dealing with it.
Through their multi-award winning blend of dance, comedy, chat and song, Cristina and Chess unravel some of their own struggles and vulnerabilities, and try to piece together how to cope when things get really shit.

Sunday 26th November 2017

Us & Them (7pm,WIP Scratch night)

James Morgan

Near Miss Company

Daniel Nicholas 

Lauren Whitter