Here & Now - Performance Festival 2016 in pictures

What a weekend to fuel our tastebuds and keep our curiosity sacred!
Thank you to all of the artists who presented performances, workshops and talks at Here & Now 2016:

Photo: Matt Cawrey

Here & Now - Performance Festival - 8th-9th October


Tetrad presents: Here & Now Performance Festival
Saturday 8th - Sunday 9th October, 10am-10pm, PWYT
Attenborough Arts Centre


10.30 -11.30am: Tetrad say Wake Up! (Workshop, Main Hall)

11.45-1pm: Fuelled Dance Theatre (Workshop and Performance, Main Hall) Fuelled Dance Theatre will be teaching a challenging contemporary dance workshop, from our own Claire Brown, Lucy Robins and Rhian Comley. As a company we explore release technique, floor work and will be sharing routines choreographed and practiced in our own company rehearsals.    

1-2pm: Tetrad say it's lunchtime!  
2-4pm: What is here? What can we do now? (Discussion, Cafe)

2-4pm: Ascendance by Jonny Mclean (Performance for small groups via sign-up sheet, Studio 3)  What is the Ascendance? No one is sure. Using live storytelling and delving into another world's entire history, you will have the chance to attempt to piece together the final moments of another planet. Ascendance explores the use of storytelling, audience interaction and audience agency with an interactive performance in which the audience dictate the narrative.

5-7.30pm: Outdoor Film Screening (Outside benches)
Screening of Films by artists James Hissett, Heather Forknell, Sam Metz, Danni Spooner, Alice Gale-Feeny.

Robert Hardaker & Manuel Vason

5-6pm: Meet the artist: Robert Hardaker (Talk, Studio 4)

Hardaker is an International performance artist based in London. He graduated from BA (Hons) Fine Art at DMU in 2012. Hardaker's work has been shown at numerous international performance platforms including IPA, SPILL, Queer City Cinema and Performatorium. Hardaker will talk about his practice, his collaborations with Alicia Radage and how to sustain artistic practice. 


5-7pm: T H I C K – Skinned by Michael Tew (Start times: 5pm, 5.40pm and 6.40pm, Studio 3) 
'Paralysis. I guess that it's paralysis. So much going on, so much to take in that you don't know where to look anymore.' We rush towards endings. We anticipate endings. We fast forward endings. We expect endings. When looking at stars, you’re actually looking into the past. Many of the stars we see at night have already died. So what if we wait? Wait with the stars and watch the end wash over us? Wait for the end to catch up? T H I C K – Skinned is inspired by parallel worlds, cash cows, birds of paradise and the notion of false endings.

6-7pm: InkMilk presents DAUGHTER, a collaboration between Samantha Birnie and G Sian (Performance, Studio 1)  She is herself. Before she becomes a girl, a woman, a wife, a mother or other, a female's first significant relationships is that of Daughter. Daughter is the theatrical contextualisation of visual art about anorexia and body dysmorphia made in collaboration between Samantha Birnie and G Sian. Inherently situated in the feminine, feminist and phenomenology of womanhood Daughter unfolds in factual and theoretical turns presented in four vignettes - Plum /Sapient /Twin/ Geist - incorporating performance, painting, photography, moving image and sound. Please stay for the Q&A to assist the future of this sensitive body of work.

8-9pm: The Misfit Analysis by Access All Areas and Cian Bianchy (Performance, Main Hall)
Cian has autism. He likes to spin tin-openers. He’s taught all the actors on ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’ how to be autistic. They’re very good at it. Journeying through Cian’s mischievous mind, ‘The Misfit Analysis’ takes us through a world of wheelchairs and blow up dolls in an unconventional exploration of an autistic mind. This is not Rain Man. Using multi-media, video projection and his unique brand of performance poetry, Cian playfully questions the place of disability in today’s world. After sell out runs at VAULT Festival London and Edinburgh Festival Fringe, and appearances on BBC 1 and ITV, ‘The Misfit Analysis’ returns as part of a nationwide tour.
“A quirky, informative and funny insight into an autistic mind” – The New York Times
Winner of the VAULT Festival People’s Choice Award

9-11pm: Tetrad say Drink 'n' Draw with music by DJ Ninja Bob! (Cafe)

Sunday 9th OCTOBER:

10-11am: Tetrad say Wake Up! (Workshop, Main Hall)

Photo: DWC Imagery

11.15-1pm: 'Dancing not shouting - text, voice and movement' delivered by Ian Dolan (Workshop, Main Hall)                                  This is a workshop about text talking and movement... I'm a dancer and I hate talking on stage, I hate how my voice sounds. In fact... I hate all text - I hate writing it, I hate improvising with it and I secretly wish I was Glenda Jackson, or at the very least Robert De Niro in that one scene in Heat. But I'm not. I'm like those people, except I have a great deal less skill, talent, experience, fame and personal wealth. This workshop shares some of the ways I've found to trick myself into getting enjoyment out of using the voice and connecting it to a disciplined and intentioned body. We'll be diving into a series of open ended games using movement, not just (whispers) contemporary dance and text, resulting in an iydillic complete fusion of speech and the moving body, or alternatively an utter casserole of nonsense and shouting. Either way, we'll have an adventure, we'll sweat some and make some weird noises, but we'll feel like serious relevant artists while we're doing it.

2-3.30pm: Writing with Natalie Beech (Workshop, Studio 3) 
Natalie Beech is a playwright interested in exploring how we use narrative and perspective in performance to represent and challenge modern issues. Her short plays have been performed at the Arcola Theatre, The Hawth Theatre and Leicester’s Story City Festival. Her full-length play Collegiate is being performed at Clapham Fringe Festival and Attenborough Arts Centre, and she is also running workshops with local universities.
Her Writing for Performance workshop will investigate what the role of the writer is in dramatic work and what impact perspective has on our stories. Working from existing texts and real life cases, participants will explore how we develop engaging characters as writers, looking at how to write voice, rhythm and how we decide to frame our stories. From this they will develop their own short pieces, experimenting with different styles and evaluating how their writing transfers to the stage.


2-4pm: so wise fringed (in) fireside gowns by Lindsey Warnes-Carroll (Performance for groups of 6 people via sign up sheet, Studio 3)
Life changing actions by a fireside. Clarification on a clifftop. Raw steak and a magnet dangling from somewhere higher up. A sweet shop in Wales where a wedding is being planned. What do they have in common? 'so wise fringed (in) fireside gowns' combines soundscape, words and beautiful objects and is an interactive performance for up to six audience members at a time.

4-5pm: Meet the artist: Tom Barnes from 2Magpies Theatre (Talk, Studio 4)
Sustainable artistic practice and long term planning? How to turn your ideas into financially sustainable artistic practice so you can stop doing horrible jobs you don't want to do anymore. Tom is the Director of 2Magpies Theatre based in Nottingham, and is nearly there.

.5-7pm: Captured Souls by Olwen Davies (Performance for 1 person via sign up sheet, Studio 3)
Sometimes you don’t know how precious a moment is until it becomes a memory. Captured Souls is a one on one performance examining what it is to remember and what it means to forget. Be prepared to have your photo taken. Captured souls is still under development, constructive feedback is welcome. With special thanks to Nathan Miller for dramaturgical advice, FONT Festival, Ollie Smith and Chloe Peek.  Olwen Davies is a performance maker, artist, writer and actor. Olwen is co-founder and co-artistic director of LaPelle’s Factory. Olwen collaborates with performance companies and artists along side making solo work. With an interest in the repossession of cultural images on screen, comedy and the uses of recorded and live moments in performance, Olwen creates work that explores the audience’s relationship with technology and with each other.

5-7.30pm: Outdoor Film Screening (Outside benches)
Screening of Films by James Hissett, Heather Forknell, Sam Metz, Danni Spooner, Alice Gale-Feeny.

6-7pm: Hibword and Guests (Performance, Studio 1)
An hour with Hibword and Guests. Expect spoken words, absurds and musical curds. 





7.30-8.30pm: MAPS by Sivan Rubinstein in collaboration with Hamish Macpherson and Adam James (Performance, Main Hall)
This event will see Sivan Rubinstein partner with choreographer and visual artist Hamish McPherson and visual artist Adam James in a new experiment involving audience interaction at Attenborough Arts Centre. During this process, the artists will look at exploring personal mapping strategies, the individual/personal map of each participants and how to draw movement and visual art together to create a public map. Commissioned by The Place’s EU-funded Pivot Dance programme, Dutch Dance Festival (Netherlands) and Operaestate Festival (Italy). Further support by V22 and Loop Dance (Kent) and financed by Arts Council England. Sivan Rubinstein is an Israeli-born choreographer, living in London and working with The Place, JW3 and Loop Dance. Hamish McPherson is a London-based choreographer and visual artist. Adam James is a Margate-based visual artist.

Tickets are available to reserve a seat for the evening performances and for access to the full day of Here & Now activities on both Saturday 8th and Sunday 9th.
Please book through Attenborough Arts Centre box office via their website or call on: 0116 252 2455

Day activities including workshops, film screenings, talks and performances will be available to those on a first come, first serve basis so make sure to arrive in good time. 

All Here & Now events are PAY-WHAT-YOU-DECIDE which means you don’t have to pay until you have taken part in the workshop or seen the show. Please be aware, every penny you give will go directly to the artists involved so please do give generously. Thank you!

Tetrad is an artist collective that is dedicated to bringing together artist, thinkers and fellow citizens who care about the creation of live performance. Tetrad produces performance platforms and professional development opportunities to engage artists and audiences with diverse performance practices in an open and accessible way.