Us & Them #4 line up announced!

Us & Them #4 presents:

Sam Metz
'Got something to say – but no joy'

Using as a trigger the irregular awkward shapes created by the elongated limbs of Ian Curtis (from the band Joy Division), Sam Metz talks of celebrity, disenchantment, ritual, gender and conformity. This permits the artist an ugliness and lack of poise (typically not socially associated with notions of feminine) that represents a wider struggle around the gender queer voice.

Robert Hardaker
'CHANT (cleanse)'

For what was once, but is no more.
(Cleanse) is a coming of age, it is the ridding of youth. It is a love letter to the past and an embrace of the future. Performed as a nocturne, it happens in the background. It is messy and uninvited.The performer forms his likeness around himself, before washing; the audience is a malleable entity.
(Cleanse) was originally performed at SPILL Festival of Performance 2015 as a durational nocturne taking place over 14 hours and 17 minutes, from dusk until dawn. It will be presented here as a homonym, the same, yet not: an extension, a development and a reshaping.

Photo: Sean Goldthorpe

Photo: Sean Goldthorpe

Sophie Swoffer
'Take the shot'

'Take the Shot' will take you on a haunting journey along the rain stained pavements of film noir, however all becomes not what it seems as you meet its dangerous leading lady. Manipulating what you see and don't see and entering the realms of the grotesque, this femme fatale is not like any other you have met before.

The performance uses flashing images, fake cigarette smoke and the space will be lightly perfumed. All audience members will be instructed that they can only stand within the white taped rectangle in the centre of the space.

Photo: Bethany Harbord

Photo: Bethany Harbord

Katherine Hall
'Buoy Up'

This is an early sharing of material towards the making of a new solo work, 'Buoy Up'. It will be a light-hearted and contemplative dance that speaks of the responsibilities of being a life guard. It will explore thoughts around not just having the body but wanting the body to survive, moving through extremities to keep afloat. It will touch on the motions of being on guard, keeping loved ones afloat, keeping those that are journeying to find a home afloat. It will reflect on the need to keep on keeping on to survive and comment on how to not drown and how to drown in each other's upheaval and shoring up.